Monday, 17 May 2010

Off The Shelf - 7 - Taybor's Emporium

I'm not going to rant over Season 2 of Space: 1999 as the Doc told me to take it easy. I'll just leave it as the only episodes i watch are the effects heavy one's as they, mercifully, didn't suffer the rot that the rest of the show did.
One of the most unusual craft from that season, that show, or any show/film for that matter is the Taybor's ship.
If you take it that the Earth ships had a similar look in design and colours and the alien had to be radically different from them, then this one is that taken to the ultimate degree.
Gawd knows what was going through Martin Bower's head when he built it. Hopefully we'll know in an upcoming Bowerhouse...
Anyway, this is a lovely kit from the much missed minimodelmadness, which went together dead easy.
The challenge was painting on those darn glyphs and the flame effects top and bottom, most of which had to have a white outline to each.
Had a migrane for weeks after

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