Saturday, 22 May 2010

Off to Nottingham today

to meet up with a bunch of friends at Warhammer World.
Its always the venue of choice, even though most aren't gamers - its central to most folk, has plenty of modelling supplies and kits on hand and the food and drink are ok priced.
If you're lucky there'll be something brought back to cover here.
If you're unlucky there'll be photos of us.


Blitzspear said...

I keep meaning to go but always end up at ikea for some reason! hope you had a nice day there. I assume it was the ftvmc you were meeting?

Mangamax said...

Yeah, there was a bunch of us met up.
Had a nice time just nattering out on the new balcony they have off the Bugmans Bar and got a bit sunburnt.
The palce was pretty quiet for a Saturday, with the only gamers on the tables being a historical society.
Folk bought some stuff from the shop - although staff training seems to have racked up the in your face "what are you playing, what are you painting?" to an almost unbearable degree now.
A slow browse just isn't possible in that place.