Saturday, 8 May 2010

Vulcan Shuttle - right, that's it...

... had enough.
Picture isn't too clear but it gives you an idea - these decals area right pain in the aine, not sitting down at all, despite using decal fix etc.
Its just giving the appearance of being wrapped in cellophane.
So them, the varnish and coats of paint are all coming off.


The Bronze said...

You have made me glad I havn't bought one now.

Mangamax said...

You can buy this one off me y'know

Vahmp said...

Ever think of using (liquid cristalclear) Future floor wax as a base before decaling the model?
That's what most modellers use.
Works like a charm.
And after you decal it, you can do two things...
Spay clear flat varnish, or you can use Future to seal in the decals.
Most modellers use fure before and after decaling, and them add a flat varnish on, for the flat look desired.