Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Top Five Craft - #4

Number 4 for this classic.
Thought it appropriate to let this excellent video (scroll down to the bottom for the full version) of the recently restored original to show why its there.
'Nuff said.



Andrew Glazebrook said...

Nostromo is class, if ever I win £84 million on the Euro Lottery I'm getting a full sized one built !!

Mangamax said...

Totally agree.
And we can never learn enough about it as it appeals on every level.
Its a real shame - i wanted to have multiple articles over the course of many issues of Bowerhouse where Martin gives the definitive account of just what he did for the main model, the Engine Room, Docking Arm, Kane's burial shroud and escape hatch etc, going into the minutest detail on kit parts etc.
But the fiming and modelmaking was done under the strictest of secrecy with no photography allowed (although, as we all know, many were sneakily taken) outside of offical pics.
Which means no work in progress shots.
Apart from one model, which i'm hoping will be in Issue 5...