Saturday, 23 January 2010

Tyranid Lictor

So, have braved the local Games Workshop store to have a look at that new plastic kit built up and in the flesh. Yep, its nice and big and i think worth the 30 quid. Trouble is, right now, if i had that amount of spare dosh i'd rather get 2 Blu Ray's from HMV or a new pair of combats.
Instead, to tide me over, i got this here Lictor which was a much more affordable £12.00.
Assembling was the usual bloody nightmare these days of sticking it together - no brand of superglue works on the stuff so its a case of using Araldite. But because of the pose and the weight of the limbs, each part had to be glued seperatly and allowed to set before moving on to the next one.
Anyway, finally got it done and it comes out real well. I've chosen to have the lower arms splayed out and the top spikey things away from the head to enable a clear view of that fantastic face and the luvverly chest detail.
Top pic is it assembled alongside a plastic Genestealer thats been sitting in my Space Hulk boardgame box for about the last 25 years.
Reason i'm going to paint him as well is i want to do the same colour scheme that i did for my Malanthrope but i made that so long ago i've forgotten what i did. So figure i can experiment on the 'Stealer first before applying it to the Lictor.
Second pic is them primed up in grey. Trouble is, i'll be using Bleached Bone for the basecoat and thats notoriously tranluscent and if i didn't apply this here drybrush of Skull White then it itd look kinda dull and muddy.
Last pic is the BB drybrushed over the White.

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