Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Maybe a Nurgle flying thing.

So, all fired up on Games Workshop 'cause of my little Tyranid project, i've been having a trawl through the GW Website.
Not too much to float me boat there.
But their Forge World offshot is a different matter...
And, as usual, the prices are WAY out of my range.
Was rather taken though by this flying thing though, especially by the combination of (rather old and rusty) technology with a living biomass, along with two out board hold-the-thing-aloft thingies.
No spare dosh right now - and i figure i will get one at some point - so, for now, thought it might be an idea to do a riff on the concept.
A quick trawl though me bits box got me the following:
A cowling from the engine of the Airfix 1/24th Harrier,
half a plastic egg that housed a toy,
and two wheel assemblies from a Macross kits.
Will glue them together and see what i come up with before deciding whether its worth it to continue.

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