Thursday, 7 January 2010

Slab Ship - almost done

Sorry for not much in the way of an update on this for quite a while, but my Modelling Mojo has been absent of late, in favour of readin' and writin'.
But had a bit of time the last couple of days and we're nearly done now. I've been adding tons of panels and the odd widget here and there and i'm pretty pleased how its shaping up. Just need to focus on the engine area and i'm done.
You see here i've drawn lines in coloured pencil. This is where i plan to put on red stripes over the white basecoat and i've drawn them on so i don't put anything in the way of them.
You can also see i've drawn some circles on the front. These will be observation windows made from the bubble windows of WW2 bombers and i'm putting them on in an unordered pattern to maybe get a spider-eye effect. Maybe.


Andrew Glazebrook said...

Paint this in some bright Peter Elson style colours !! :) Happy New Year to you !!!

Mangamax said...

Cheers Andrew - ditto right back at'cha.
Yep, am going to be doing another Elson with this one. Originally was going with a dark rusty red as i've still almost a whole can of Red Primer left over from my Pursuit Ship and it'd be very much like a Scorpio in finish.
But this is such an unfeasable design (it just LANDS - no undercarriage for this baby) that it just cries out for a 70's SF paperback colour scheme.