Thursday, 28 January 2010

Nurgle Flying Thing

So its a go on this beastie then.
Top two pics are views of the basic hull shape glued together. The glue has taken well to the wheel assemblies to the egg as i've pinned them with cocktail sticks, less so with the egg to Harrier part.
But in the third pic you can see i've started with the fleshy bits.
First i put a layer of Green Stuff around the inside of the join between the two pices, bunged in the rough Bacofoil shape (which held fast thanks to the VERY stickiness of freshly blended Green Stuff), put in the armament (a Ker-Plunk straw, a bit of aluminium piping and the big barrel being a part from a pen) and some more Green Stuff to help attach the two parts and around the gun parts and clear acrylic rod that i'll be using to hold it aloft.