Monday, 25 January 2010

Fergee - to paint or not to paint?

Came across this fella up in the attic. He's one of Judge Dredd's allies and comes from the early 80's when Forbidden Planet were selling a range of 70mm Dredd figures.
The quandry is: do i leave him in this colour scheme (all Humbrol paints, done back when i didn't know what i was doing) as an example of what i could do then - or strip it back to bare metal and make, hopefully, a better job of it.
By the way, i've put Fergee alongside a Foundry Minatures Dredd to show how much bigger they were. And the Foundry figures (at 28mm) are a bit bigger than standard 25mm minatures.
Don't know why the went bigger in both cases - maybe both didn't want folk to build/display/play/convert with other companies figures?