Sunday, 24 January 2010

Tyranid Lictor - going wrong

Well, i certainly didn't use inks on the Malanthrope then...
First pic is after i'd put on some watered down "Flesh Wash" ink. That showed up a lot of the detail and warmed up the basecoat - but wasn't anything like what i wanted. The Malanthrope has some fleshy tones in there but they're really icky. So, in this pic i've drybrushed with the Bleached Bone to take it back a bit.
Next pic is after using Green Ink. Again, it showed up the detail was was far TOO green and nothing like the shade i'd done before. And again, i've pulled it back with another drybrush.
Okay, if i didn't use inks there's only one other choice i'd have used - watered down Tamiya Clear Red and Green.
And that's what i'm gonna do after typing this.

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