Thursday, 28 January 2010

Nurgle Greater Demon

Have spent all morning sorting my Den out, dusting, tidying and bunging stuff up in the attic that i don't care to see for quite a while.
In doing so, i came across this Big Boy - a vinyl kit of a baddie from the Guyver anime that i built and painted somewhere back in the late 80's i guess.
I've always loved the design, especially the pinhead face in such a huge body.
Anyway, that face and the rhino-like horn coming out of the head reminded me an awful lot of this Nurgle demon my friend Andy had sculpted and very kindly gave me a few years back.
Still not having any spare dosh, and still fired up on GW stuff, have decided to repaint him in a Nurgle colour scheme.
And here's where i am right now with it dusted down and a coat of primer on.

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