Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Maybe a Tyranid

Bought the latest White Dwarf as its a Tyranid special. Always liked the beasties, even though they're a blatent Giger rip-off.
Turns out there's a new bad guy in town - this here plastic kit. Its a bit pricey, at 30 quid, but you do get a load of parts enabling you to make it in tons of different ways.
And, as usual with Games Workshop figures, you have to look beyond the rather crappy colour schemes to the sculpting underneath.
No more so than with these guys. Some of the choices of pallette are downright Disney-like in apperance and you have to wonder what they heck they're playing at. You've an unstoppable Aliens-esque race and they're white, pink and purple????
Anyway, if i do get one i'll be going with the colour scheme that i used here on my Tyranid Malanthrope.
I came up with this as its an incredibly detailed resin casting from Forge World and i used inks as i felt i wouldn't be able to drybrush in all the hard to reach places.

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