Saturday, 13 June 2015

Judge Fear - starting the lighting of the helmet

As i'm making the rest of Judge Fear's outfit look like you'd catch something nasty just touching it, i figure i've got to do the same for his helm.
But, all pictures of the fella clearly show that its shiny, therefore is still in pretty good nick.
To get around that, i've limited the weathering to some rust and dirt in the grills.
Not a good picture here, but i've also dirtied down the skull emblem.
And this is the start of lighting the helmet up - i'm using clear red gel, but three layers of the stuff to ensure no-one can see my eyes when looking in. That's worked, but not sure if, when the lights are on, you won't see them.
I'll cross that bridge when i come to and, to hedge my bets, i'm attaching the gel inside the helmet with Velcro so i can replace them if it doesn't work out.

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