Monday, 29 June 2015

Judge Fear - helmet set-backs

First plan to light up Judge Fear's helmet was to cut the LED strip into strips, one each behind each slot in the helmet and a couple either end of the eye holes, allowing me to see out in the middle.
Nixxed that as the LED's are so bright that you can see each individual one even through three layers of acetate.
I first thought of backing the acetate with frosted plastic to diffuse the light, but instead went with cutting a strip long enough to encircle the eye/slot area and have it on its edge pointing inwards, so the LED's would be visible from outside.

Pic 1: And that worked fine.
Pic 2: And looked pretty good from the outside.
Pic 3: Here's me son wearing and... not only can you see him in there, he's completely blinded by the things.

So, back to option 1 - back the acetate with a diffuser for the slot area and, fro the eyes, i'll check out the red glowing sunglasses that have been recommended to me by folk.

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