Friday, 5 June 2015

Judge Fear - cape thoughts

Starting to think about the cape for Judge Fear (Cape Fear shall i call it?).
First thought, to keep costs down and it is a very long very good quality one, was to use the one from my Garindan outfit.
That would certainly work, as you can see here, but:
(A) It would mean having to use magnets to join the outer to inner shoulder pads as i can't be stitching Velcro to it,
(B) Really, to match the beat-up nastiness of the rest of it, the cape will have to be torn and filthy. Something i'm not going to do with this one.
But, i could use it at a pinch if need be.

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Paul Pethers said...

look at post apocalyptic clothing on youtube they show how to age/weather clothing, as for shoulder pauldrons/pads got an idea from mine by attaching a loop strap made from one inch black webbing under left arm for right pad with a snap clip to hold it as well as cutting a hole in cape and attaching velco to shoulder. cross over straps on mine are covered by shoulder pad chains across chest