Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Judge Fear - feet

Its going to have to be make my mind up soon with Judge Fear's feet.
Though i tried and tried to find a UK supplier of monster feet i could use for the project, they all seemed to be real blocky affairs much like you'd see Boris Karloff wearing in "Frankenstien", i guess due to them being made to fit over your shoes.
Not at all like the long, thin, emaciated look i was after, and that i'd already found with the gloves.
I kept putting it off, the almost exactly what i was after pair from the States that were out of my price range even more so when you added postage, but they were EXACTLY what i was after and so, after getting fed up searching over here, i gave in and ordered a pair, which have just arrived.
Though expensive, they're really nice - a tad long but then i do have small feet and i'll have to pack the ends, and the neck is rather wide so i'll have to put some sort of Velcro closer at the back.
And i'm also thinking of sticking either Plasticard or the soles from a cheap pair of trainers on the underside to protect the rubber.
Where i've got to make up my mind is what to do about the colour of the feet and hands.
Originally i was going to repaint both pairs so they'd match, going for nice undead tones.
But i know from experience with my Garindan's snout that rubber has to be painted with a mix of paint and latex to stop the paint flaking off when the rubber is flexed.
But know too that that can create all sorts of problems with the paint drying too glossy.
And i was thinking the feet would get a LOT of flexing over time and would need re-doing.
But i was resigned to it.
But then i realised that the feet aren't too bad a paintjob at all - just the nails needing redoing and some detail brought out.
Then noticed that the hands aren't too far off the grey of the feet, just the rubbish purple detailing needs going over.
So what to do?
1. A complete repaint with latex mixed in that will need reapir over time?
2. Or go with the existing colours and hopefully better them with detailing?
Veering towards option 2 at the moment.


Karitas said...

Are these definitely rubber? a lot of prosthetics these days are made with silicone, and there's an awesome array of silcone paints that can even be thinned enough to airbrush..

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