Saturday, 6 June 2015

Biog Living Spaceship - colour choices

With painting the Biog Living Spaceship, i had to decide what way to go with the colour choices.
Dan Dare occupied the colour centre pages, so we have an idea what colours the Biogs were, but i'm not sure if the colours were what Massimo Belardinelli intended for his creations - i've read before speculation that he didn't colour the pages himself, but by someone else, and i've seen mention it was letterer Tom Frame who did it.
So, do i follow it or not.

Pic 1: With my Biog bust i chose not to go with the odd blue/white combo seen here bottom right:

Pic 2: Instead, i chose to go a more icky, horror route:

Pic 3: But, the Living Spaceship is SUCH a unique, outlandish design, i thought the very 70's colours fitted it very well, so i'm going with them, albeit maybe reined in a bit. So, here we go with the yellowy flesh tones:

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