Friday, 26 June 2015

Cursed Earth Wanderer - chest armour

So this is the chest armour, made entirely from foam except for the goggles that form the basis of the gas mask, the hoover tubing, a plastic lid at the end of the rear tank, lighting gel in the eye holes and plastic chain at back.
The mask is permanently attached to the container and i figure that's some sort of filter system to deal with the irradiated air.
While i'm happy with the dull, matt and rusty finish, there's still stuff to do:
I'm thinking some sort of stripe on the mask to break the colours up a bit and add a bit of interest,
have lots of gadgets and things hanging form the bottom both front and back,
and the two pouches on the rear. I was thinking of removing them and putting real one's on, but now think i'll just add more "stuff" over the top of them to cover them up and hide their foamy origins.