Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Decisions, decisions

What to do? What to do?
As i add each colour to the Biog Living Spaceship, i keep hoping it'd start gelling things together and the whole thing starts to work.
But its not - its just becoming a multi-coloured mess.
So, what to do?
Carry on and finish it in an accurate colour scheme as seen in the colour spreads?
Or, taking the tack that Massimo Belardinelli didn't colour it and we've no idea what colours he'd envisaged for it, do i scrap this idea, reprime and redo it in a more realistic skin tone as i did with the Biog Warrior bust?
What do you folk think?


Mark G said...

Realistic skin tone, for me

Dr Mathias said...

I think that your colors are correct, they're just too 'saturated', and all about the same level. I think if you toned them back a bit you'd have more unity overall. Cool project!

Mangamax said...

Ta for your comments chaps - update in a sec'!