Thursday, 14 May 2015

Judge Fear - knee pads

Pic (1) - While i was busy with the belt for Judge Fear, i was also beavering away with the biggest part i'd be building - the knee pads.
Again, it meant studying this picture and trying to work out what the dimensions would actually be on myself - making for lots of bending over with a tape measure, trying to measure myself while checking the mirror. Glad no-one walked in on me.
What was pretty tricky is that Brian Bolland - and Cliff Robinson follows here - drew the knee pads as big, bulky shapes, bending around the leg, which i thought would be pretty difficult to replicate.
Pic (2) Anyway, after working out just how the two shapes under the bulbous pads work, i had a go at making dummy versions out of card and, after a few tries, was happy enough with them to use them as a template to draw onto the foam matting.
Pic (3) Then it was a matter of cutting them out, bending the under shapes to fit my knee, then gluing together with Hot Glue.
Pics (4, 5 & 6) And then it was paint time - a couple of coats of Plastidip to seal the foam, then priming, basecoating in a suitable green, and then some basic weathering.
Again, i'm holding off on doing too much weathering until i've got all the parts together and can gauge what needs more.

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