Monday, 18 May 2015

Judge Fear - belt buckle

Pic (1) So i'd gotten me a plastic shrunken head with needed fringe hairdo and straight away i cut the neck off. Excellent - that left a nice big opening for my fingers to get into to do up the nut and bolt i'd be using later to attach the head to the buckle.
Pic (2) After tying up his hair and putting it into a plastic bag to cover it up, i then sprayed the head with Grey Primer and then gave it a basecoat of a Games Workshop flesh. Now, the primer dried nice and matt like it should've done, but the flesh tone stayed glossy, i'm guessing as a reaction to the plastic of the head. Don't know whether i should've scrubbed the plastic first, or given it a sealing coat of latex, but something was causing a reacxtion.
Pic (3) Hoping the washes i'd be putting would dull the gloss down, i carried on. Nope, its still got quite a sheen to it. So i tried putting on some Matt Varnish. Nope, no change there either.
Pic (4) Resigned to its shininess, i've attached it to the belt, figuring i can easily swop it for another at any point.

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