Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Judge Fear - belt, part 2

The next thing i tackled on Fear's belt was the whacking great padlock - as taple of design no matter the artist.
That found me yet again in front of the mirror, with a picture of the fella taped to it.
Then it was a case of taking a tape measure to my waist arae and eyeballing roughly how wide the padlock would be.
Once happy with the width, i could then use that to gauge the height, and once i had the height i could gauge the thickness.
With those measurements, i roughly drew out the shape life-size and then cut a front and back out of foam (with an area removed from the front where the keyhole would go) and a length of foam for the side.

I Hot Glued them together, then added proper front and backs i made out of Plasticard.

I then put a Plasticard strip around the sides, added an extra level to the front, and some sticky gems for rivet detail. That's as far as i am right now with it as i've hit the brick wall of what to use for the top part of it? Its got to be rounded and easily bent into a curved shape, but not metal - that'd be far too heavy on the rest of it. At the moment i'm stumped.


Karitas said...

Plumbing/gas pipe.. plus heat gun = bent plastic gas pipe. :)

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