Monday, 11 May 2015

Judge Fear - belt, part 1

First part of Judge Fear i attempted was his belt bear traps, and i turned to them first as i knew i'd be using foam matting to build the knee pads, a material i'd read plenty about but never used before, and figured if i started on something small and buggered it up, it'd be no great loss to start again.
Looking at the images of Fear, the details of his belt equipment varied from artist to artist, but the accepted deal with the bear traps is two of them, either side of the belt buckle.

So i ordered a pack of sheets and got to work. I eyeballed how wide a bear trap would be on my waist, cut a length of matting to that width, then scored almost all the way through at a distance i'd figured would be the length of one, then curved it out from that, cut almost through again to change direction a tad and give me the nice curve to it.
Then i laid it flat, drew on the "Z" teeth pattern and scored that lightly in.
I then bent it into the shape i wanted and Hot Glued it together.
I wanted some inner spring detail to them, and that was just a piece of plain plastic tubing, with wire wrapped each end for the spring and they too were Hot Glued in place.

I then sealed the foam with the cheapest method out there - PVA glue mixed 50/50 with water and slopped on.
Then they were primed in grey and given a coat of Black

And then they were weathered. This is how far i've weathered them - i might do more once i've got the whole outfit together

Pretty pleased with how they've come out, considering its my first attempt at foam but, if i am sticking to the original Brian Bolland version, strictly speaking they should be of different shapes and with a foot plate in the middle. Oh well, i can always make some more at a later date.

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Mark G said...

That is cool, and very clever.