Friday, 15 May 2015

Judge Fear - badge

A quick word about the Fear badge. Bought yonks back off the 'bay, the thought of what to do with it really kickstarted this outfit.
I had to decide what colour to do it as i've seen it done as bone, metals, the letters picked out in red, the letters not picked out in red.
In the end, i chose to go with bone to match what Judge Death has, keeping it in one colour to try and suggest its been carved from some unfortunate victims skeleton.
So, this part is done but i've still to decide the best way of attaching it to the undersuit - velcro is nice and easy but can't risk it falling off, gluing a pin on the back is safer but i'll be making quite a few holes in the undersuit over time.


Paul Pethers said...

suit is looking great, working on same no as far along as you still prepping for paint. your badge is awesome so want one, how did you make it

Paul Pethers said...

read the blog again and it said "bought on ebay" lol still looks cool. if its ok ill try and duplicate it i know its a cheek but any chance of more pics of it in particular how the FE are joined can see the AR join and worked out how they attach to the skull. look forward to the rest of your build to inspire mine.

many thanks, paul