Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Judge Fear - belt, part 3

With parts for Fear's belt coming together, it was time i thought about the belt itself.
I figured the best way to attach the various things he has hanging off the belt was to use Velcro.
As the items are quite big, it would mean i'd be needing a smooth, wide belt to attach the Velcro to.
And, one with a blank buckle so as to attach the shrunken head to.
Now, where had i seen such a belt? I know, in my cupboard - my Garindan outfit uses an Imperial Officers belt, which is 2 inches wide, with a blank buckle with a greeblie on top that appears all over the place in Star Wars

So i bought me a buckle, minus the greeblie, drilled a hole in the centre for the bolt that the head will be attached with, then sprayed it black.

While i was doing that, i also looked around for a shrunken head to use for the belt buckle. There sure are a lot to choose from on the Net and in the end i went for this one, thinking it had the correct fringe styling of hair. This is how he arrived, things went a tad wrong shortly after this as i started painting...

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