Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Judge Fear - Dimension Jump

So, Judge Fear traditionally has, to the left of his belt buckle, a mini bear trap and the big padlock. And on his right, just a mini bear trap.
To balance that side up, i decided to give him the Dimension Device the Dark Judges use to skip into and out of our reality.
Found quite quickly in the spare parts box this ball money box, which was the right size and had the added bonus of being able to be cracked open - handy for painting and then bolting to the belt before putting back togther.
So i drilled a hole for the nut and blot on the side that had the money slot, primed in grey, then had to choose a colour for it. Didn't to be just the one colour over the tales except for shiny, so i went with a colour that i had almost a whole can of - "Rover Zircon Blue", a can i'd had for years and years, after buying it to spray a SPV from Captain Scarlet and not used since. Does pay to not throw anything away.
Really like how its come out as its going to be a bit different to the rusty metal shades that will be elsewhere, and here's the right side of the belt done.


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