Sunday, 26 May 2013

Romulan Bird Of Prey

Really wasn't expecting to do an out of the box kit build anytime soon, but:
(A) I was in Modelzone yesterday to pick up some paint
(B) And this kit was there for less than half price
(C) I've always liked the design
(D) This is the kicker - know i built one back in the late 70's, but have no recollection of the build at all.
So, i got one.
The box says "first time available in over 30 years" which sure does become apparent when opening the box and looking at the parts - little more than the hull halves and wings.
Don't think this will take long.
The box also boasts that it contains the bird of prey decal, which is nothing to boast about as so did the original.
Where it does differ is that we now get a stand and a "optional new clear nacelle caps and plasma weapon". Which seems kind of odd. I don't remember if the original did have a plasma weapon but, seeing as that was what used in the TV episode where this ship was first seen, i'm guessing it did. Don't understand why would that be optional. Ditto the clear pieces - if they're on the studio model, they should be on the kit.
I'll look into it.

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