Tuesday, 14 May 2013

From the back of the cabinet - Zeiram

Been having a sort out, looking for things to put up on the 'Bay.
I thought i'd sell this vinyl figure and figured i'd show you it before it goes.
Made it years and years ago and i'm still happy with the paintjob. At the same time, I scratchbuilt the final, very "John Carpenters The Thing" version of the baddie, but gawd knows where that's gone.


Mattias Darrow said...

Wait... you built that? Hoooow?

Mangamax said...

Its a vinyl kit that was available back in the 90's.

Andrew Glazebrook said...

Still never seen Zeiram !! Any good ?

Mangamax said...

Well... The Anime is fab. The live action version - hmmm.... Fantastic creature effects, the girls cute - but awful, awful Power Rangers-style action and (worst of all) "comedy" characters.