Saturday, 25 May 2013

Ma.K Tank - barrel

Common decency has made me hold off posting anything about this part till now, as the first part of putting the blue piece on a bit of plumbing pipe made it look like something from the Ann Summers catalogue:

Looks better with stuff on though. Plumbing pipe is notorious for not letting any glue stick to it. Except Hot Glue, which I used to attach the blue piece. That a pretty messy, unsubtle way of attaching things to it, so for all the details, I've wrapped 4 strips of Plasticard around it and attached various kitbits and plastic rod to that. I've also added more strips of Plasticard onto the existing one's, but with holes drilled into them just to break things up a bit and have a bit more interest.
I've quickly squirted on some Primer, just to make things a bit more clearer:


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