Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Ma.K Tank - bits going on

So, here we go then with adding stuff on.
Figure there's two ways i can go - the smooth, bumpy look a lot of Ma.K craft have, or the masses of machinery all over the place.
Because the legs are all hard angles, i decided that to do the bumpy route wouldn't work so have gone for clunky machinery instead, randomly placed throughout, with no sense of real order.
Except for the three globes on the legs, which i figure are some sort of "anti-gravity repulsor units" to keep the hover tank in the air, and are a tip i picked up from Martin Bower - yo-yos are IP plastic, very cheap, and can be snapped apart to give you hemispheres.
The other details i've been adding are a mixture of kitbits, corrugated Plasticard and cut down tank pieces.
I've found these are much more effective than plain Plasticard on Ma.K projects, as they instantly give far more detail with very little effort, plus they keep with the Ma.K design ideal of WW2 technology.


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