Thursday, 9 May 2013

My first troop

Been away from here for a while as I went down to LEGOLAND for my first ever Troop in the Sandtrooper armour you may recall me building long time back?
Anyway, had a total blast. All the apprehension about overheating in that bodysuit/neck seal/rubber gloves, back ache from the backpack, and feet ache from those Elvis boots proved to be totally unfounded - yeah, I was pretty hot but not uncomfortably so and I didn't notice any other pains as I was having such a great time.
The public were fantastic, my fellow members of the 501st totally brilliant, and I loved every minute of it.
Once you've had your Induction and undertaken your first Troop, you're "branded" in a ceremony amongst much clapping and cheering and the branding involves having this logo put on your left shoulder bell.
What that means is I can now troop at any event now.
Roll on the next one.

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