Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Romulan Bird Of Prey - assembled

Well, that was... brief.
I know its a kit from the 60's, but parts and assemble is very basic, even for an oldie like this - two halves for the hull, ditto the two wings, the two propulsion tubes and tail fins. And that's it:

Part fit was pretty good on these, just a bit of P38 for a few gaps on the underside, along with the hole in the middle for a rod base or if you wish to suspend it from the ceiling by a thread (does anyone do that anymore?) and a bit more where the tail fin meets the body:

So that's it ready for primer now. As I say, i'm making this solely from out of the box - no lighting it up, no drilling out the windows, no making it more accurate like others have done - adding windows all around the centre band, along with an extra row of windows on the upper hull.
The only variation i'm going for is the adding of the clear domes at the front of the propulsion tubes. Its odd they're given as an optional choice, when its clear from this studio shot that they're, er, clear:

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