Thursday, 2 May 2013

Colossal Squig - built

So, here's what he's supposed to look like:

But I don't like the silly running pose and the head so low down that you can't see his face or all that lovely teeth detail.
First of all, I was going to repose the legs so that he'd be in a more standing position. Found that that would work with little effort on the left leg, but the right would need hacksawing quite a bit, the leg cut into two at the knee and rebuilt, plus the toes reposed.
Didn't fancy all that, so instead what I've done is build him as he's supposed to be, but stuck him to the base at an angle:

And I did that by pinning him to the base with Araldite and used tons of it, wedging some rocks in there too, to help take the weight. After leaving a day for the stuff to set properly I then filled the gaps between the rocks with P38 and stuck small rocks onto that:

Very happy with this new, leaping over a rocky hurdle pose, which allows his lovely face to be seen a LOT better:

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Anonymous said...

Awesome look. Wish I had the expertise to do mine this way...