Sunday, 3 March 2013

Hornethopter - wee bit more progress

Okay, to bring you up to speed on this build: the legs are now all on and the incredibly fiddly job of attaching all those tiny wires is done. That was a pain - drill a hole for one, glue the long length of wire in, when set trim it to the right length, then drill and glue again. The other thing i've done is to start on the two pairs of wings. They're made from some of that beautiful brass etch and consist of two halves with a clear plastic cut-out sandwiched between. So what i've done is: attach the wings to a piece of card with double backed tapes, prime, basecoat then dirty them down. With that stage complete, you get a glue as to what colour the craft is going to be - as i want it to be camouflaged in the sky when its attacking airships, i'm going to repeat what i did on this bike here.

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