Sunday, 17 March 2013

Classic Troll & "Holy Grail" Troll

Today i've got for you two old classic figures, one i knew about and liked and never got, the other is one of my "Holy Grail" figures from way back in those early Citadel days, i figure i had and cherished but then sold and always regretted it. But building a Goblin army has given me a good excuse to track him down again and, once more, he's mine. First pic is the one i never had. He's definetly from the comedy troll era and i love the hangdog expression, slouched pose (can he really lift that hammer?) and, especially, the mushrooms growing on top of his head in place of hair. Second is possibly my favourite ever figure. Again, a comedy take, but look at that face! And the pose! Brilliant, brilliant stuff. Both he and the other Troll came still painted, which was a right pain to get off as they've been done in enamels. Can't grumble as that's what i was using back then too. In fact, can still remember my favourite one here being done in Humbrol Lime Green, with his bone club in Gloss Cream *shudder* Anyway, i've cracked on with my fav first, and here he is with skin just about done, eyes, sores, teeth and clothes blocked in.

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