Friday, 29 March 2013

Jawa Pistol

Fancying a big build, and one of our Daughters still on at me to make her a Jawa costume, decided to combine the two and go for this "Jawa pistol". It won't be anywhere near accurate as still to this day, no-one knows just what was used on the original. The muzzle could be a ships horn, or part of a portable air-raid siren - no-one knows. But it looks like a lot of fun to do and, though we're off on holiday tomorrow, couldn’t resist starting on this. First up was to work out just how big things needed to be. Using Lucasfilms stated 70cm for the length, I used the excellent pic in the “Star Wars Archives” book and eyeballed a rubbish blueprint at 1:1 scale. Its scrunched like that as I’ve been taking it around the shops, offering up any potential shapes to see if they’d fit. Which is what this green beaker is, sat just above the shape it’ll be standing in for. I’m thinking for my muzzle, I could use a large plastic cup, the same sort of size the largest of drinks come in at the cinema. Or maybe a thermos flask. The trigger will be from an old pair of mull-grips The search continues. As do the funny looks I get when I whip the blueprint out and start laying household goods on it.

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