Monday, 11 March 2013

Archnarok Spider

So, my Son's been on and on at me to get one of these and, like a good Dad, i've given in. It looks to be quite a challenge to build that bird nest thingy that the Goblins sit in and i know i'm going to get REAL tired of painting the branches before i'm done. Going for best thing first, the spider goes together very well and does what the best of IP kits do - hide the previous joins between pieces with an overlapping piece (the mid-build shot here has already got about eight pieces on it). A snip to build, although one thing doesn't make much sense - the spider has recesses all over its body, with tiny spiders emerging from them - but when the legs are on, you can't see them. Odd. Anyway, this is it in Black Primer. Its supposed to be on the base the other way, but i prefer it like this and i've not got it standing as its supposed to. Thats to have its two rear legs up on supplied trees, so its backside is more visible, ditto the crew up top. But that looks daft - and we can use the trees for something else. Last shot is the Primer drybrushed with Dark Grey and i've picked out the front mandibles in Bone plus eyes and horns in cream. Thinking of colour scheme, we're doing a riff on my Son's "Red-Eyed Peas" army of black/red by sticking with black for its body, glossy red for the eyes and the horns will be yellow, just to make things a bit different and highlight the detail a tad more. Not doing the horns on the legs though as we figure that'll be a bit too much yellow, and we're not picking out the fleshy areas at the joints as we want to stick with as much black as possible.

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