Thursday, 7 March 2013

The Invasion Of Slaanesh

So, our Son is merrily ammasing his Orc/Goblin army and from time to time we have a battle. Now our 9-year old wants to join in and she'd like a girly army. Figured she'd go for an Elf one as she's fan of The Hobbit and LOTR and there's plenty of female characters that GW do but, no, she'd like a Slaanesh Daemon army so she can use Daemonettes, which she's rather taken with. That's fine by me - i've got both the FW and the old GW Keeper Of Secrets, along with a bunch of Daemonettes, so its quite a way along even at the very start. To help her out, i've just bought her this very old Musician, which i've started to paint along the same lines as my existing one's. Comparing this one with the modern plastic incarnations, it looks kinda clunky, but i love that whacking great claw and i've always liked the big bug eyes of them too, so it'll be fun to do. The other figures here are a knight and mount that i picked up at Salute years ago. No idea now who produced them, but its a stunning sculpt - the detail and pose of that dinosaur put GW to shame. Anyway, i'd had it all painted up as a Red Knight, but i've stripped him back to bare metal and he'll now be a Slaanesh Champion. I really want his brilliantly fluted armour pieces to be visible so, for his colour scheme, i've put a wash of watered-down Purple Ink over the White Primer to keep him nice and light. I've done a bit of highlighting with White and i'll continue with that after i've gone in with strong Purple Ink to differentiate the various pieces of armour. I've not stripped back the mount, deciding instead to go over my original paintjob and lighten that up too.

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