Thursday, 21 June 2012


Okay, if i'm going to be part of the SFMUK's Star Wars Hanger Build... ... Guess i'd better pull me finger out and get a ship for the Hanger. I've decided to go with a Fine Molds X-Wing, as i had a great time making their Y-Wing: Same thing again with this kit - loads of incredibly fine detailed parts, a very comprehensive decal sheet, plus deailed instructions, both for the kit and application of the decals: In no time at all, i had the cockpit done, and i've chosen to go with a green/grey to the interior for a bit of a chane and i've deliberately not picked out various sections in black as i want the detail to be really apparent: The consol part is a work of art, VERY small, VERY detailed, with like-wise decal for it. There actually should be extra decals on the diagonal surfaces next to the display, but this one is so big, its enough:

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