Monday, 11 June 2012

Hutt Pod Racer - getting started

Okay, about time i launched this project. First up, the canopy and i figured before i do anything else was to make room for the pilot. I want him squeezed into a tiny cockpit, so i had to find a suitable round shape from the BitsBox. And i plumped for this shape, which i think is part of a turret assembly from a Tamiya tank. I put it in place, drew the circle on the inside, removed it then cut out the circle. You can see its pretty crude, but thats ok as the Hutt will be filling that space. You can also see i've added a circular detail in front of it, and that's from the Airfix Space Shuttle kit: At the rear i've added a bit of detail, this time from a Gundam kit: On to the the engine next. Engine. Singular. I thought i'd be a bit different and go with just the one whacking great big engine to lift the fella up. First thing i've done is add this luvverly shape to the rear, which is actually a lid to the box for a toy robot. It had a bit of raised lettering in the middle and i've covered that up with a nice shape from, i think, the Tamiya 8mm gun: Having just the engine presents a problem - if the air is sucked in at the front and swooshed out the back, surely it'll fry the driver? I've got round that by adding these two nozzles pointing outwards and away from the pilot: Finally today, i've added some 1/72nd wings as fins, putting them on backwards in true Thunderbird 2 fashion:

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