Saturday, 23 June 2012

Dice Ibegon - flesh

Quite a bit of progress since last time with this lady. Once i was happy with her shape, i covered her with a couple of layers of plaster bandage. Once that was done, i sculpted a maw area out of Das Pronto and, when dry, peeled it off, bunged a load of E6000 glue on the reverse, and glued it back in place. Then the already sculpted teeth were hot glued in. With that done, i had to figure what to do with the patches of the plaster bandage that still had the gauze of it showing. That wasn't a prob with the Dianoga, as it just added to the detail of the beast, but this girl is kinda smooth - if you ignore the veins and warts and bumps that is. I did first consider putting on a coat of exterior textured paint, but that'd be expensive for something that i didn't know would work or not. I next considered wallpaper paste, which is certainly cheap. So tried it and it was a disaster - it just clumped up in balls on the surfarce. In the end, i went with one of my original ideas - covering her with latex. Figured it'd not only cover things up and blend everything together, it'd also give a rubbery, fleshy feel to her. So that's what i did, using the latex used for making moulds of stuff. Once that was on, i had to put the veins on. First of all i tried sticking on elasticated cord and some wire, then cover them with latex. That looked rubbish, just like a bunch of cord and wire covered with latex. So in the end went with simply creating them by dragging the hot glue gun around while pressing on the trigger. Once all was set, she got a coat of primer: And then i had to start to think about skin tones. In the film she looks quite a realistic flesh tone, but the actual prop was far more of an orange: So i decided to compromise. Off i went to The Range and got a large tub of "Flesh" paint, which is far, far too pink to be realistic. But, mixed with "Yellow Ochre", i sort of got to a halfway mark. By the way, this painting is on a far bigger scale than i'm used to - here's the two paints i'm using on my palette, the lid of a Jacobs Cracker box: And i'm also mixing in a different way - dip my 1/2 inch brush in one colour, then the other, mix on the palette and apply. If the shades a bit too much of one colour, dip into the other and blend it onto the skin. This is her drying at the moment:

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