Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Dice Ibegon

Since finishing my Dianoga, i've had a hankering to make another full-size Star Wars recreation. But what? I toyed with the idea of "A New Hope"'s Interrogation Droid that tortures Leia on the Death Star or the Jedi Training Remote Luke practices with on the Falcon - but i know from experience how costly and time-consuming tracking down 70's kits and bits for studio scale projects can be. But, looking at the Cantina scene, it struck me that Dice, being esentially a hand puppet, might be the way to go. So i have done. First up, work out the scale. Eyeballing the scene, her (yes, its a she) "face" seemed to be about the height of my open hand logical if a hand fitted in there. Drawing round my arm and hand, then roughly her form gave me the dimensions i needed: I did consider making her basic skeleton from a series of foamboard circles mounted to a central pole bent to the right angle, then card over the top. But figured that would be a lot of work for something that might not be too strong. So instead i went with a metre length of flexible hosing from B&Q, glued to a base and a bit of tubing left over from my Sandtrooper Backpack stuck inside it: Then all i had to do was pull the hosing up and over the end of the tube: Once i did that, i started wrapping Duct Tape over the top to bind everything together, much like i did with my Dianoga:

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