Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Under The Influence - 8

From what i can see, this show aired in the South East in 1975 and i can vaguely remember tuning in each week just for the fact that it was the same bloke that brought me Thunderbirds, Captain Scarlet and UFO. This was better than them though: it was in space! every week! which meant spacecraft! and aliens! So i was a happy bunny for a quite a few weeks. Until "Dragon's Domain" came on. There i was, the 13 year-old me, lapping up the Ultra Probe: and the Spaceship Graveyard craft: a good two years before Star Wars, i was seeing the sort of SF vehicles i'd only ever read about in paperbacks till then. So, as i say, a very happy bunny. Then the alien arrived on the scene... To say i was freaked out, or traumatised, is putting it real lighly - up till then i'd NO idea that a TV show could actually be scary. And its still scary now. That design, that scream it produces, what it does it does to its victims - i still find it unsettling now, and i'm approaching fifty. And its the one episode of the show i won't show the Sprogs. A true unsettling, unforgettable piece of modern fiction.

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