Friday, 1 June 2012

B-Wing - change of plan

Okay, nix the idea of this ship being in that 1/72nd scale hanger scene - turns out its not 1/72nd after all, but 1/94th (huh?). So, because of that, i'm not going with the wings folded down idea, and will have it fully open in flight mode and on its stand. You can see here i've put on the orange circles. I couldn't find suitable replacement decals so what i've done is place a circle template over where i wanted the orange to go and lightly stippled paint in. Its gone ok, but there's not a clean line as the template couldn't fit falt to the hull because of all the raied detail. But that's ok - i can disguise that with weathering and paint chips. You can also see i've put the canopy on. Got to clean up those struts on it.

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