Monday, 18 June 2012


Boy, i've got a great family. In the bunch of Fathers Day pressies yesterday was this kit: . You may remember me going on about the Screamer Killer that Games Workshop put out in the 80's as a white metal figure? This is the modern, IP version of the critter, a sort of living tank for the Tyranid army. Very pleased to have got it it and i struck straight on, being confronted by all these sprues in the box: There's so many as you're given a number of options: To choose from six heads - i went with this six eyed, dual horn option, a choice of carapace - went with this spike launching version, and a whole bunch of arms. I was going to go with the four scythe-like arms to match the original Screamer Killer but, as i've one of those, decided to go with scythes for the rear arms, and small weapons for the front one's. With those options chosen, it was no time before i had him assembled: Once primed in Grey, i've given him a sloppy coat of Bleached Bone: This is 'cause i plan on having all my 'nids the same colour scheme

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