Saturday, 14 May 2011

Screamer Killer

Really loved this figure back in the 80's, what with its crab-like body and odd face. Never got one because (A) the paintjobs in White Dwarf always put me off (B) back in those days waaay before the Net or even Games Workshop stores, the only way i had of buying figures was picking up any that appeared in (oddly thinking about it now) Boots The Chemists.
Anyway, checking the GW Site for reference pics for my Keeper of Secrets, i've stumbled onto the Tyranid section, which has given me a hankering to have another go at them. Rather than a current model though, thought i'd finally pick up this ancestor of them.
So, four quid spent got me this built and painted one:

First up was to put him in a bag, spray Mr Muscle oven cleaner in, close the bag and leave overnight.
Opening it up the next day i was surprised to see the paint still on him - usually its turned to soup by then. Think its because the previous owner had put a LOT of coats of paint on, followed by multiple varnishes. That was ok though as it did come off, peeling away from the metal like latex.
That's when i realised there was a heck of a lot of paint on there - what i thought were smooth areas suddenly had detail when i took the paint off, especially that rib area under the chin.
Anyway, after a lot of peeling, i had him clean and in pieces as the oven cleaner had dissolved the glue:

Here he is this morning, re-assembled and primed in white. Colour-wise, i'm going the flesh/green scheme i've started for all my Tyranids:

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