Monday, 23 May 2011

Building 3 - another Nurgle Drone

I'm knocking Building 2 on the head for now as i've taken on board what Andrew here and others elsewhere have advised - if i want to sell, aim it at the gaming market.
Which is a really good idea.
Biggest of that of course is Games Workshop - but the hardware for each race has a very distintive style, and i don't fancy slavishly emulating that.
The exception is Chaos as they're, er, chaotic and that offers up all kinds of possibilties for builds.
Favourite of the four Chaos types is, as i'm sure you've figured by now, Nurgle and i had real fun a while back making my own take on their "Blight Drone".
So, thought i'd have another go.
Here we are with the basis for it - the black section is the torso from an old Gundam kit of mine, the white bit is an engine block from a truck kit, the black wing is from the same robot the torso came from and the long blue piece is the arm and hand from another Gundam kit. I'll be taking the fingers off that and having the whole piece as a tail for the craft.
On to the top of the black piece i've stuck a cut-down part of a Febreeze spray head. These are great - lovely compound curves made from an easily cuttable plastic that sticks real well with Superglue.
I'll be adding more of these shapes top and bottom as armour covering up the workings.
Oh, and i've filled holes in the black part with Green Stuff for the living mass that will be inhabiting the craft.

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