Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Nurgle Submarine.

Yep, its a submarine now. What i love about scratchbuilding is how things can change mid-build and you end up with a colour scheme or even a purpose completely different to how you'd envisiged it.
Case in point here - i put on the other Febreeze pieces as armour plating, bunged a couple of Star Wars toy guns cut down as side weapons, then put on two 1/44th funnels as wings, still thinking of it as a flying machine.
Soon as i did that though, the whole thing changed.
They weren't wings, they're fins and the whole thing looks like a fish.
Thought it even more after i'd put the tail on and applied Mr Surfacer to tie everything together and give the smooth areas a nice dimpled effect.
And even more once i'd primed it.
Dunno if Nurgle use submarines but i'm going to paint it as one. If they don't then i've got a very rusty flying fish.

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