Thursday, 5 May 2011

Daemon Prince & Herald - built & based

Well, they went togther real quick. Suprised though at Forgeworld that i had to fill gaps, which isn't like them at all. Also, the smaller of the two pipes that come from the ammo tank on slung on his back round to his arm just wouldn't fit at all. So i've had to sculpt a new one out of Greenstuff.
Anyway, here they are on bases with added soil, primed and then basecoated.
For the Herald, i've gone with "Bleached Bone" as i want him nice and light so as to be able to see the fraction of his face visible under that hood. And to be a contrast to the rusty metallic arm he'll be having. I've also left off his horn that's meant to be sticking out of the hood as i don't really like it - and the gap for it looks just like a gap in the material showing off some of his head.
I've gone a different route than the undead/green scheme that seems most usual with the Prince and have been inspired by the meat on the carvery last saturday night. I want a dull, dried look to it, so have started with Vallejo's "Desert Yellow".


The Angry Lurker said...

They're really nice bits of kit, I hear there are always problems with Forge World items like warping?

Mangamax said...

Not had that problem till now. Bad part fit on the Prince and a bendy sword on the Slaanesh girly.