Friday, 27 May 2011

Cursed Earth Land Raider

Talk turned recently on the 2000AD Forum to the Land Raider that was used in the Judge Dredd "Cursed Earth" epic. Its rather infamous for being a blatent merchandise tie-in with Matchbox's Adventure 2001 toy range.
I really rather liked it, especially how you had two craft joined together that could split when needed.
I've had it in mind to buy them and repaint them to make them more miniatues and this talk was the spur that i needed.
Managed to buy this here front one very cheaply and, after prising it open, i had these pieces.
Looking at the tale, it looks like the exterior is pretty much exactly right on the toy, so that's not a prob to match.
Interiors a bit of mystery but i'm thinking i've got to stick with light greys as i'm keeping the orange windows and want the detail to be seen.

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